Qualified Association Specialist Certificate Program

The Qualified Association Specialist (QAS) Certificate Program provides anyone in the association industry, including CEOs, a broad base view of the key elements in running an association. 12 Hours CAE
1. Organization Types & Management Structures00:43:00
Organization Types and Management Structures 00:43:00
Organization Types Quiz
2. Board Governance and Volunteer Management01:00:00
Board Governance and Volunteer Management 01:00:00
Governance Quiz
3. Financial Management & Budgeting 01:32:00
Financial Management & Budgeting 01:32:00
Finance Quiz
4. Administration & HR00:50:00
Administration & HR 00:50:00
Admin & HR Quiz
5. Legal Issues in Associations00:40:00
Legal Issues in Associations 00:40:00
Legal Issues Quiz
6. Marketing, Communication and Crisis Management 00:45:00
Marketing, Communication and Crisis Management 00:45:00
Marketing Quiz
7. Social Media & Online Communities00:55:00
Social Media & Online Communities 00:55:00
Social Media Quiz
8. Membership Recruitment, Engagement and Retention00:50:00
Membership Recruitment, Engagement and Retention 00:50:00
Membership Quiz
9. Meetings, Conferences and Tradeshow01:00:00
Meetings, Conferences and Tradeshow 01:00:00
Meetings Quiz
10. Non-Dues Development and Training00:40:00
Non-Dues Development and Training 00:40:00
Non-Dues Quiz
11. Public Policy and Government Relations00:55:00
Public Policy and Government Relations 00:55:00
Public Policy Quiz
12. Technology & Data Management00:25:00
Technology & Data Management 00:25:00
Technology Quiz
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